God Is Good … All The Time

In a long line of blessings, I get my optimism from my mom, although some would say I am too optimistic at times. Yet these past few months, after losing my mom, it requires all the energy I have to just keep away dark thoughts, let alone let any optimism or happiness in. … More God Is Good … All The Time

Cafe Paris: Hi Mom

Mom never fails to send me signs on my weekly lunch dates with my Dad. Today, I looked down at the placemat in front of me and discover her maiden name Williams so fancifully scrolled next to the word Paris on the placemat. Paris was my Mom and Dad’s very favorite vacation together. There is … More Cafe Paris: Hi Mom


I’m always looking for signs. That’s nothing new. I was just, for the hundredth plus time trying to hold in my tears while on the train. I was listening to these lyrics in my headphones right when I looked up and saw this carving above: “I bow down to pray I try to make the … More Signs

Generations of Love

Better late than never, I forgot about National Daughter Day until I saw all the great photos from my friends of their beautiful daughters and mothers. I got very lucky in that department and if you know me, you know that being a mother is the best thing I have ever done in my life. … More Generations of Love

My Mom

It is with deep sorrow and sheer disbelief that I am sharing that my wonderful Mom went home to be with the Lord. If you knew my Mom, I am betting you loved her. She made the world a better place in a thousand different ways. She left every person she met in a better … More My Mom